Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

To be honest...

... I'm not totally new in blogging. One of my big passions is Burnin' Heart Reports. It's a blog about family, friends, music and of course, faith. Everything we post has a christian background. We want to show the world, that believing is not only sitting in a church and singing old, boring songs. Believing is fun - and there are a lot of possibilities to check this out.
Burnin' Heart Reports writes mostly about events in Germany, just because all the people working at the blog are German ;D
But sometimes, especially regarding interviews with American or British bands, there are some English posts. And there is an English impulse for your month, as the name says, at the beginning of the new month ;D
So, check this out and follow Burnin' Heart Reports, give us some feedback on the posts and spread the word if you like it. (:

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