Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Summersoundtrack No. 1 & 2

I already posted it a week ago in German: The first song of my personal "Summersoundtrack" 2013. I've got some songs that I really like and which are about to make my summer extra supreme. Well, it's already June and by now, the summer didn't really come out. Today is the first sunny day after about two weaks of constantly rainy weather, a reason to celebrate, especially because of the floodwaters in our region. Luckily, the water level is mostly sinking again, but a lot of houses and whole cities have been damaged.
Matching this, there's a song on the Summer Mixtape by and Storyville Coffee: it's called "Summer's Dead". This was totally the situtation in Germany, and I found it pretty ironic, because this song makes fun. Those Darlins did a good job and really made me laugh because it was more like November than May/ June. I couldn't really understand the lyrics, but it just sounds good. I downloaded the Summer Mixtape to listen what's on there and it cost nothing, so why not simply try it? It was definitely worth it, and this song totally made my day.

Another part of my summersoundtrack is the new song by Everyday Sunday (Or should I say 'Trey and his band? :P ) : "Solar".
They already performed it when they toured Germany in February and this was pure party. I can't really see a deeper intention in the lyrics, but the song is danceable and sounds just like, yeah, summer. And if you listened to it once, you will listen again and again and again... and it stays in your head and you're just like "People everywhere, put your hands up in the air!!!" The title "Solar" was pretty cool for today because the sky was clear and blue and (Oh wonder!) the sun came out!!!! I was almost about to forget about the existence of it after this creepy weather during the last weeks. It's just like the release yesterday blew all the clouds away. I like it. Hopefully, summer is on the rise now. To celebrate the middle of my week, follow the link to listen to the song (it's fun, trust me (; ) :
Have a nice day (:

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